We have our own factory strategically located within the producing areas of TURMERIC, TAMARIND, SOYABEAN & PULSES.

At our factory, we have machinery to POLISH TURMERIC Fingers that we source directly from local farmers in raw dried form. After polishing, we are able to grade the fingers in 3 different sizes as per our buyers’ requirements. For this, we use a Grading Machine which is able to rid the material of stones & admixture while separating goods into 4 different grades.

Besides whole TURMERIC FINGER, we also manufacture TURMERIC POWDER with our traditional GRINDING machine with fineness up to 100 mesh. Our product is free of any form of adulteration like color, added starch, maize our rice flour.

In addition, during the TAMARIND season that stretches from JANUARY to APRIL, we also process (clean) and pack TAMARIND into small packets of 200 gm, 500gm & 1 kg with our hydraulic & manual press. We are famed for our 100% natural Tamarind as we do not use any water, salt or jaggery water to manipulate the weight, appearance or taste.