We deal in every type of Spices, Foodgrains, Nuts that are grown in INDIA.

We are among the top 5 exporters of INDIAN TAMARIND for which we are known for our pure, un-aduletrated & natural product packed hygeincially at our factory thats is located right in the midst of a major Tamarind growing area.

We are also among the top 25 exporters of TURMERIC FINGER from INDIA. We source unpolished Turmeric from the local producing centres and carry out the polishing and grading as per our bueyrs requirments at our factory

RED CHILLY POWDER is also one of our major export item. For this we have a tie-up with a decades-old reliable grinder in the producing centre at BYADGI that allows us to offer 100% pure, natural Chilly Powder of various pungency, color & fineness.